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Welcome to Transport Samo Urdih, where we will make sure your shipments arrive to their destination safely, reliably and on time. We organize the transport of goods to all EU countries and the countries of the former Yugoslavia; however, most of our shipments go to Italy, Austria, Croatia and Slovenia.

By carefully planning the logistics and transportation process for each and every client, we make sure that we deliver the best solution for your logistics challenge.


Transport vehicles

We have 60 vehicles of various configurations – from traditional semi-trailers, mega trailers and dumper trucks to smaller trucks for groupage transportation.
We can carry pallets or other loads up to 13.60 m long and 2.45 m wide.

Part of the fleet is intended for the transportation of bulk cargo, including all types of bulk and baled waste, iron, metals, cereals, sawdust, sand, salt, etc.

The smaller team takes care of the transportation of smaller cargoes or reservoirs on similar routes.
We use vans, lighter trucks and standard semi-trailers to provide these services.

We also help clients find carriers for destinations that we do not cover ourselves.
Our guiding principle and way of working is to cooperate with each other by trying to place the order on the right vehicle and in a suitable manner, in accordance with the instructions and wishes of the customer and deliver the goods on time.


Warehouse Logistics Center

We also provide our customers with modern storage facilities in Šempeter pri Gorici, where we can store cargo and handle goods with forklifts.

We are aware that regular maintenance of our trucks is crucial for high quality services. That is why we make sure that our fleet is regularly serviced and fault-free.



From Monday to Firday, from 08:00 to 18:00

Fax prometne pisarne: +386 5 330 68 10

Skupni e-naslov: prevozi@urdih-transport.com

 Prevoz standardnih pošiljk:
Alen Talić: alen@urdih-transport.com
Mobi: +386 41 662 922
Telefon: +386 5 330 68 05

Darja Pečenko: darja@urdih-transport.com
Mobi: +386 31 631 120
Telefon: +386 5 330 68 08 

Prevoz odpadnih materialov in razsutega tovora:
Martina Cencič Žerovec:maja@urdih-transport.com
Mobi: +386 41 630 561
Telefon: +386 5 330 68 01

Organizacija zbirnih prevozov:
Marko Košuta: marko@urdih-transport.com
Mobi: +386 51 302 902
Telefon: +386 5 330 68 00 
Kristjan Beltram:  kristjan@urdih-transport.com
Mobi: +386 31 710 990
Telefon: 00386 5 330 68 16 
Karmen Urdih: karmen@urdih-transport.com
Telefon: +386 330 68 09
Faks: +386 330 68 06

Maja Gatej: majagatej@urdih-transport.com
Mobi: +386 41 771 441
Telefon: +386 5 330 68 09
 Vodstvo podjetja:
Samo Urdih: samo@urdih-transport.com
Mobi: +386 41 352 666
Telefon: +386 5 330 68 17 

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